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Facial Plastic Surgery Blog

Restoring the Contours of Your Cheeks with Voluma

As we age, our face begins to lose volume, which can cause noticeable facial folds to form. A loss of facial volume can heavily diminish the appearance of your mid-face, because the appearance of your cheeks is heavily dependent upon having a good amount of facial volume. Facial volume can be restored by using Voluma. […]

Eliminate Crow’s Feet with Botox

One of the most common and noticeable aesthetic issues is the appearance of crow’s feet. These fine wrinkles form around the corners of the outer eyes and resemble the long and slender feet of a crow. They give the eyes an aged appearance and can give you a constant tired or strained look. For years, […]

Treatments for Lip Wrinkling

If you want to keep your lips looking smooth and attractive you are going to need to take care of your lip skin. The lip skin can form noticeable vertical lines that ruin the their smooth and alluring surface, and fine wrinkles can form around the edges of the lips. You are going to need […]

Men: Looking for a Non-Surgical Way to Get a Stronger Jawline?

The male jawline is one of the most distinguishing parts of the face. Having a strong and well-defined jawline gives the male face an attractive masculine appearance and significantly enhances the appeal of the male profile. Unfortunately, even a small amount of accumulated fat under the chin can distort the jawline and create a bulbous […]

Understanding Septoplasty

Our noses are complex structures. Bone, cartilage, and other tissues make up the internal structure of the nose, and when this structure is damaged, it can lead to an obstruction of the nasal pathways. This can hinder your ability to breathe, which can have a major effect on your daily life. The internal structure of […]

What Can I Do About My Sagging Brow?

Brow sagging can occur as a natural part of aging. Some people may develop a severely sagging brow when they get older that significantly diminishes their appearance. Others may have noticeable brow sagging at a relatively early age that can make rob their appearance of its youthful beauty. If you have noticeable brow sagging that […]

Treating the Minor Skin Flaws on Your Face

Have you noticed small but visible wrinkles forming in areas of your face? This is a very common aesthetic issue that is nearly impossible to prevent due to the cause: repeated use of our facial muscles in everyday expressions and activities such as chewing and laughing. These small facial flaws can be easily eliminated with […]

Growing Your Natural Eyelashes with Latisse

Do you want long, bold, and beautiful eyelashes that you won’t have to put on and take off? Your natural eyelashes may not be exactly what you are looking for, so with Latisse, you can grow them into the luscious and long natural eyelashes you have always wanted. Latisse boosts your body’s ability to grow […]

Improving the Appearance of Your Lips with Skin Resurfacing

Your lips are one of your most alluring qualities and one of the main features that people first notice about you. Sometimes all that is holding back our lips from looking gorgeous is the skin on the surface of them. If this skin is rough, damaged, or flawed, it can detract from the beauty of […]

The Effects of Aging on Your Eyelids

Drooping upper eyelids and dark puffy bags under your eyelids can reduce the vibrant and youthful appearance of your eyes. Aging is the main contributing factor to these issues, leading to the diminishment of the vitality of your eyelids, and it can even expose you to other contributing factors. Aging robs the eyelid skin of […]

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