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Mid Facelift in Newport Beach and Beverly Hills

Newport Beach Mid-Face/Cheek Lift The midface lift is a surgical procedure which lifts sagging cheeks for a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance to the mid-face region. Over time, the elasticity in the skin diminishes and sagging results. This can be particularly noticeable in the cheek area. The midface lift, which is also referred to as a cheek lift, elevates sagging facial tissue in order to improve drooping in the midface and cheek area as well as smiles lines (nasolabial folds) and puffiness beneath the eyes. This, in turn, adds a youthful fullness and prominence to the cheeks.

The midface or cheek lift is appropriate for healthy men and women who have realistic expectations for improving sagging in the cheek and midface, smile lines, and under-eye puffiness. Less invasive than the traditional facelift, it is an ideal procedure for younger patients who do not have jowling or banding in the neck and are not yet ready for a full facelift.

Dr. Batniji is located in Newport Beach, California, and he is affiliated with several fully accredited surgery centers and hospitals throughout Southern California. He commonly performs procedures at the Newport Beach Surgery Center and at Hoag Memorial Presbyterian Hospital where he is a member of the Department of Plastic Surgery and the Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. Dr. Batniji has dedicated the whole of his career to facial plastic surgery and beautifying the face. He is an expert at creating beautiful, natural, long-lasting midface lift results.

The midface or cheek lift may take two or more hours to complete and is often performed with local anesthesia or with general anesthesia. The incisions are generally well concealed and may be located within the hairline, within the lower eyelid or inside of the mouth. Working through this incision, Dr. Batniji will lift sagging tissue of the cheek and midface region. This procedure may be performed as an endoscopic procedure using a small camera device, or endoscope, inserted through very small incisions.

The midface lift may result in some amount of discomfort, bruising and swelling. Swelling and bruising will fade and the discomfort can be treated with medication. The sutures are often removed after five to seven days or, if dissolvable sutures are used, they will dissolve on their own. One to two weeks after your midface lift, you should feel well enough to return to work and most other strenuous activities. You will, however, be advised to postpone more strenuous activities for a longer of time.

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