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How Much Does a Blepharoplasty Cost?

In order to know how much a blepharoplasty costs, it is important to understand that there is more than one type of blepharoplasty surgery. In fact, there are three types, including upper, lower, and combination blepharoplasty. Each procedure is unique and tailored to the patient, but in a number of cases, an additional procedure will […]

How Much Does a Facelift Cost?

Facelifts are quickly becoming one of the most common forms of plastic surgery. While facelifts are a fairly simple concept, they’re a complicated procedure designed to make you look younger and more vibrant. Because of how complicated and beneficial they are, facelifts are relatively expensive and cost around $8,000.  However, depending on the type of […]

How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost?

Are you considering getting a nose job but wondering about the cost? Rhinoplasty is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure that can enhance the appearance and function of the nose, but it comes with a price tag. In 2022, over 352,555 rhinoplasty procedures were performed in the United States. Rhinoplasty can address both aesthetic and functional […]

Taking Care Of Vertical Neck Bands with Botox

Do you have noticeable vertical bands on your neck? This is a common aesthetic issue that a lot of people develop as they get older. Vertical neck bands form when the muscles in the neck become strained and sore from repeated use. These bands can noticeably detract from the beauty of your appearance. While some […]

Choosing the Right Procedure

There is an incredibly wide variety of facial procedures out there. The greatest benefit of this is that you can find a procedure that will address your specific aesthetic concerns in a way that is less invasive and equally as effective as other options. Many people tend to see a facelift as the go-to procedure […]

What Can I Do About My Jowls?

Jowls are one of the most noticeable signs of facial aging. Jowls are the drooping flaps of skin that form on the jawline. If the issue is not addressed quickly, the jowls can become larger and more noticeable. At Batniji Plastic Surgery, we offer facial plastic surgery for addressing the entire face and for targeting […]

Remember to Protect Your Skin This Summer

Summer is in full swing, and that means you have probably spent a lot of time by the pool and outside under the sun. However, just because you are having fun doesn’t mean that you don’t need to keep your skin safe and protected from the sun. At Batniji Facial Plastic Surgery, we offer high-quality […]

Are You Unhappy with Your Rhinoplasty Results?

A lot of people who are unhappy with the look of their nose are apprehensive about undergoing rhinoplasty for a variety of reasons. Often, they’re afraid that the results they receive will not look the way they want them to. What can you do if you are not satisfied with your rhinoplasty results? Revision rhinoplasty […]

Unhappy with Your Chin?

Are you unhappy with the way your chin looks? It may seem like there is nothing you can do about the appearance of your chin, but at Batniji Facial Plastic Surgery, we have a solution to your aesthetic issue. Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Rami Batniji can provide you with a chin augmentation. This surgical procedure […]

Choosing the Right Facial-Rejuvenation Procedure

Choosing the right facial-rejuvenation treatment can be very difficult. There are an overwhelming amount of options out there that can tackle specific facial issues, along with some that offer more comprehensive treatment. One incredibly important factor you need to consider before choosing a facial-rejuvenation treatment is the severity of your aesthetic issues. If you have […]

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