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This FDA-approved hyaluronic acid filler is specifically addressed to treat troublesome lines and wrinkles around the mouth. Dr. Batniji finds this product alone, or coupled with Botox and resurfacing, to be a very effective treatment in those vertical lip lines. It’s a soft product that gives a smoother appearance to the skin around the mouth. Additionally, for those patients who desire smoother lips similar to a “lip gloss” appearance, Dr. Batniji finds Volbella can achieve this result without adding volume to the lips for those patients who do not desire volume.

Volbella has also received approval from the FDA for being an effective treatment for tear troughs under the eyes. While it was used for tear trough treatment in its pre-approval stage as well, it was only an off-label use of the product at that point.

This product lasts approximately 6-12 months. Call us to schedule your Volbella appointment with Dr. Batniji in either our Newport Beach or Beverly Hills offices.

Heartfelt thanks for the beautiful work you did in hiding my lines above my lips. I have had so many compliments and as a result have reffered many friends to you. I am looking forward to our next beautification meeting!
– Anita L., Newport beach, CA.


Dr Batniji uses this FDA-approved hyaluronic acid filler to soften smile lines around the mouth and to address hollow lower lids. It lasts approximately 12-18 months. In Dr. Batniji’s experience, this filler is a wonderful solution for volume loss in and around the mouth where smile lines can develop creases. Dr. Batniji uses a blunt cannula technique which minimizes bruising and provides a safer method of treating the smile lines. See a video demonstration of this technique below:


While patients don’t have to take any drastic steps to prepare for a treatment using Vollure or Volbella, certain preparation steps are recommended:

  • A week prior to your scheduled date of treatment, avoid taking aspirin and ibuprofen, since they can result in blood-clotting issues.
  • Topical products like Retinol, Tretinoin, glycolic acid, and retinoids should be avoided in the days prior to the scheduled date of treatment.
  • Refrain from bleaching, waxing, and tweezing in the targeted regions. Don’t apply any hair-removal cream to the targeted treatment areas.
  • Do not drink alcohol for 24 hours prior to the treatment, since alcohol may cause blood-thinning issues.
  • Do not apply any cosmetic products or make-up on the targeted treatment area on the day of treatment. The chemicals in these products may interact with the fillers and cause side effects to worsen.
  • On the day of treatment, thoroughly wash your face before arriving at the clinic.


Vollure and Volbella injection sessions are very quick and convenient, typically taking only 20 minutes. The injection sites are marked as a guide. Injections are then delivered by one of our highly-skilled nurse practitioners, Ashley Lankford or Charlotte Bader, to the marked sites. These injectable dermal fillers contain a local anesthetic, numbing the area to make the treatment more comfortable.


No recovery time or downtime is needed after Vollure or Volbella injections. After the treatment session, you may experience certain minor side effects, such as mild bruising or swelling. Dr. Batniji will provide you with the appropriate medications for managing these symptoms after treatment. Avoid touching, rubbing, or scratching the skin of the treated area.

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