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Exilis Ultra Skin Tightening

One of the most popular skin-tightening treatments available today is Exilis Ultra. This non-surgical, non-invasive skin tightening treatment is ideal for both men and women looking for help with skin laxity anywhere on the body, such as the neck, thighs, abdomen and arms. This treatment can even be used on the face.

Exilis Ultra is an FDA-cleared skin tigtening treatment that effectively minimizes fine lines and wrinkles with the help of radiofrequency energy and ultrasound. With the ability to improve the body’s aesthetic appearance, it’s understandable why so many people have sought out the procedure for themselves.

How Exilis Skin Tightening Works

The blend of ultrasound and radiofrequency energy heat up collagen in the skin, which causes it to contract. This action alone can promote skin tightening in treated areas, and it’s proven effective for various areas of the body. Exilis Ultra also has the ability to stimulate collagen production, which can have long-term positive results for the laxity of your skin, and these effects should be visible in about four to six months after your skin tightening treatment.

The benefits don’t stop there, as the combination of radiofrequency energy and ultrasound is able to destroy fat cells. In essence, Exilis Ultra skin tightening can deliver better laxity in addition to increasing collagen production and decreasing fat cells. However, some of these effects are more minor than others, as the destruction of fat cells would only offer minor body sculpting results. Nevertheless, it’s a multi-faceted skin treatment that’s hard to beat in many cases.

The Pros and Cons of Exilis Ultra Skin Tightening

Like any aesthetic procedure, there are a few ups and downs that come with Exilis Ultra skin tightening. There’s the potential for some to be more common than others as well. If you’re considering this skin tightening treatment for yourself, it’s always a good idea to take a look at the positives and negatives associated with it.

Exilis Skin Tightening Pros

  • FDA Approved
  • it’s a non-invasive skin treatment
  • It can help diminish the appearance of cellulite
  • There are minor body contouring benefits with fat cell reduction and skin tightening
  • Most people love the fact that there’s no downtime after treatment

Exilis Skin Tightening Cons

  • The effects improve over time, and it could take around a year to see the end result
  • Some aren’t a fan of the fact that some bodily changes can be rather subtle
  • It’s not a good solution for those who are suffering from severely sagging skin
  • The results tend to last a couple of years, which means you may need more skin treatments in the future

Although the cons aren’t necessarily deal breakers, it’s crucial to understand the effectiveness of the Exilis Skin Tightening treatment and how they pertain to your particular needs. The benefits of the procedure are pretty clear, but it’s not the only factor that needs to be considered, as costs can vary depending on the patient’s aesthetic requirements.

How Much Does an Exilis Treatment Cost?

Non-surgical treatments generally take a few sessions before we see substantial results. With Exilis Ultra, you may require anywhere from four-to-six treatments before ideal results are achieved. Regarding the cost, each session can vary dependending on the size and number of areas being treated.

According to Exilis patients on RealSelf, the average total cost for multiple sessions is about $1,375. This is a rough estimate based on industry standards, and the price you pay may vary. Most insurance companies don’t offer to pay for cosmetic and aesthetic procedures such as this one. However, we’re more than happy to discuss payment options during your consultation, so we can determine exactly what works best for your budget.

We aim to provide the most cost-effective approach possible with Exilis Ultra treatments, and we feel it’s important that each person gets the treatment they want when they want it. Dr. Batniji and staff are well-versed in their technique to ensure costs are kept as low as possible while delivering top-notch results that you won’t find anywhere else.

Are You a Good Candidate for Exilis Skin Tightening?

Although the treatment can be effective for a broad range of age groups, those who are between the ages of 30 and 65 tend to see the most benefits. Regarding the laxity of the skin, this is the age group where the natural effects of aging start to show in different areas of the body. Whether it’s due to weight loss, genetics, or a medical condition, an Exilis laser treatment can improve the contour and aesthetics of numerous areas of the body.

It’s important that candidates are in relatively good physical condition and don’t have any excessive laxity that would require more invasive surgery to improve. Although there are some criteria involved with the laser treatment procedure, many people from a broad range of age groups are considered to be stellar candidates.

Additionally, it’s important to take note of the pros and cons, as Exilis is an excellent solution for individuals that are seeking instant results. Yet, these results are known to be somewhat temporary as they only last for a few years at a time. If you’re okay with follow-up appointments down the road, the treatment would be an excellent choice to minimize laxity, destroy fat cells, and increase collagen production.

Of course, if you have any questions about the procedure or how Dr. Batniji operates, you can give us a shout by calling or contacting us through our website to set up an appointment. Your health is always the most critical aspect of any procedure we provide, and we’d be more than happy to sit with you for a thorough consultation on what’s possible with Exilis Ultra skin tightening. It may not be for everyone, but we’ll always do our best to shed light on the treatments we feel are best for your particular needs.

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