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Brow Lift Post Instructions in Newport Beach and Beverly Hills

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  1. It is common for the swelling and bruising to increase 2-3 days following surgery. It is strongly recommended that you use cold compresses (wash cloths soaked in ice water) during the first 24-48 hours to help keep the swelling to a minimum. Please do not apply ice to the area.
  2. Watch for any abnormal swelling in the forehead that feels firm or fluid filled. If this happens, please contact us at 949.650.8882, as this may indicate a collection of fluid under the skin and may need to be drained by Dr. Batniji.
  3. Shower at least once a day, shampooing your hair (with baby shampoo only) and gently massaging the incisions in the hairline. PLEASE DO NOT USE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE OR VASELINE ON THE INCISIONS IN THE HAIRLINE. Do not use any hair products until you have returned for your one week post-op appointment. You may experience numbness of the forehead; therefore, we ask that you do not blow dry your hair unless you have a dryer with a cool setting.
  4. Keep your head elevated at all times for the first week of recovery. We recommend sleeping on 2-3 pillows at night.
  5. Please do not bend forward, strain or lift anything during the first week of recovery.
  6. It is helpful to wean yourself off of the pain medication as soon as possible. Try taking Extra-Strength Tylenol in place of the Darvocet N-100. DO NOT TAKE ASPIRIN or IBUPROFEN PRODUCTS AS THESE MAY INCREASE THE RISK OF BLEEDING.
  7. Please wash you hair the night before or the morning of your 1 week post-op visit, allowing it to dry before you arrive to the office. You will not be able to wash your hair after the sutures are removed until the following day.
  8. All of the sutures and/or staples in the hairline will be removed at your 1 week post-op visit.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 949.650.8882.

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