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Kybella in Newport Beach and Beverly Hills

The Kybella® is the newest treatment on the market for eliminating extra fat below the chin, commonly known as “double chin. The treatment is FDA-approved to melt fat using a mixture of organic compounds along with deoxycholic acid. Your body naturally produces deoxycholic acid, this substance is responsible for your ability to digest and absorb fat obtained from food. Kybella® takes full advantage of this miraculous substance to help you achieve the youthful chin you’ve always wanted without any of the inconveniences of surgical procedures, such as liposuction or face lifts.

Millions of people, both men and women, suffer from double chin issues because of their weight. Unfortunately, even if these people succeed in losing a considerable amount of weight, their submental fat is likely to remain, since the area of the neck and chin doesn’t respond to weight loss efforts as readily as most of the body. A person’s facial structure and genetic makeup may also predispose them to developing submental fat. For these individuals, no amount of weight loss or healthy eating will free them from the burden. Furthermore, as age causes skin to lose its volume and firmness, it begins to sag, and a slowing metabolism causes the body to begin accumulating more fat while also making it much more difficult to eliminate. Luckily, people who struggle with this all-too-common issue can find a safe and highly effective solution in Kybella®.

Why Have Kybella® Treatment?

Kybella® Treatment Before & AfterThere are several reasons why you should consider treatment with Kybella®:

  • It melts fat in a quick, comfortable and effective way without the need for anesthesia or downtime.
  • Kybella® will help to accentuate the natural beauty and shape of your face, creating a smoother, younger and more attractive appearance.
  • It boasts a high rate of success. In clinical studies, it was discovered that around 80 percent of people who had a Kybella® treatment rated the results very positively.
  • The Kybella® injection cost is much more affordable than plastic surgery.
  • The treatment does not require a recovery period and will not disrupt your regular routine.
  • Kybella® has eliminated the unwanted fat cells; you’ll no longer be able to accumulate fat in the treated area. For this reason, no additional treatments are necessary.
  • With Kybella® injections side effects are normally mild and short-lived.

Kybella® Procedure

Prior to receiving your Kybella® treatment, Dr. Batniji or our highly-skilled nurse practitioners, Ashley Lankford and Charlotte Bader, will want to meet with you for a consultation. During this meeting, they will assess the severity of your submental fat, answer questions you have, go over what you hope to achieve through the treatment. Dr. Batniji will develop a plan of treatment that works best for you and will decide how much of the product is required to achieve your desired results. You may be able to undergo the Kybella® procedure immediately after your consultation.

Before starting your treatment, you will have your face cleansed thoroughly, and if you choose, a topical anesthetic will be rubbed into your skin. However, while the injections may cause brief localized discomfort, this is usually so mild that most people don’t feel the need to have the anesthetic applied. Afterward, Dr. Batniji will administer carefully measured doses of Kybella® into the area beneath your chin in a way that ensures even elimination of the fat and the most natural-looking results possible. The entire procedure can be completed in about 30 minutes.

I am very pleased with the results of my surgery as well as the follow up care from the doctor, assistant, anesthesiologist, and office staff. I would highly recommend Dr. Batniji and staff to anyone who is considering plastic surgery.
– Regina L., Huntington Beach, CA

Are You A Candidate?

Candidate for Kybella® TreatmentIn most cases, anyone who wants to get rid of stubborn, unattractive fat under their chin is an ideal candidate for the Kybella® procedure. However, it’s important that candidates have no major physical or psychological health problems, possess reasonable goals for the results of the treatment and have a thorough understanding of how Kybella® works. People of any age, gender, ethnicity and skin type can experience good results with Kybella®. The only limitations on who can undergo the procedure are nursing or pregnant women, people with clotting disorders and those with suppressed immunity or active infections. If you’ve had other injections or cosmetic surgery in the treatment area within the past four months, Dr. Batniji may recommend an alternative plan for the course of your treatment. In addition, if you have excess skin or significant scarring in the area, the procedure may not be a good fit for you. If you have either of these issues, Dr. Batniji will try to suggest a different avenue for addressing your submental fat.

Kybella® FAQs

This depends on the extent of your submental fat and how many injections are required. Typically, however, the Kybella® procedure will take between 15 minutes and half an hour. After the skin is prepared, Dr. Batniji only has to administer the product into your under-chin fat. You will begin to see a difference after two to four treatments. However, certain patients may need as many as six sessions in order to obtain the results they want. Each session is generally done one month apart, and these can be scheduled to suit your needs.
Because Kybella® is minimally invasive and doesn’t require anesthesia, there is no need to alter your normal routine after treatment. You may go about your daily life as usual, including exercise. While Kybella® melts fat and can provide significant results; it does not do it immediately. In most cases, you will begin to notice a difference after two treatments. The full scope of the results tends to become apparent over the proceeding weeks as the fat continues to dissolve. Unlike with many other treatments for submental fat, Kybella® ensures that it will not return. No additional treatments are needed after the first series. This ensures a more youthful chin permanently.
There is a potential for serious side effects with almost any treatment, but with Kybella® injections side effects are rarely serious. Most patients will only experience localized bruising, swelling and soreness that go away on their own after a few days. In rare cases, patients may have excessive bleeding, temporary numbness or difficulty swallowing.
You can go back to your job whenever you feel ready. Many patients choose to have the treatment over their lunch break and will return to work right away.


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