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Revision Rhinoplasty in Newport Beach and Beverly Hills

Southern California Revision RhinoplastyRevision rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure which corrects problems of an aesthetic and/or functional nature following a primary rhinoplasty surgery. Common issues addressed include asymmetry, the presence of a callous or bump, a polly beak deformity, a pinched tip, an over- or under-projected tip, an over-operated look, excessive scarring, or other issues relating to the nasal appearance and/or function. Patients may be unhappy with the overall appearance of the nose or with certain features.

Revision rhinoplasty is appropriate for healthy men and women who are looking to improve the look and/or function of their nose following a prior rhinoplasty surgery. Candidates should also have reasonable expectations for improvement.

Revision rhinoplasty can be one of the most difficult plastic surgery procedures to perform, often requiring both technical and artistic skill. Located in Newport Beach in Southern California, Dr. Batniji has extensive experience in revision rhinoplasty and correcting problems resulting from prior rhinoplasty surgeries performed by other surgeons. Dr. Batniji specializes in facial plastic surgery and is board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and by the American Board of Otolaryngology. He is wellknown for creating beautiful, natural revision rhinoplasty results that are in keeping with the individual patient’s features.

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Your revision rhinoplasty surgery may be performed at a surgery center or hospital in Newport Beach in Southern California. Dr. Batniji is affiliated with several accredited outpatient surgery centers and hospitals including Newport Beach Surgery Center and Hoag Memorial Presbyterian Hospital.

The exact nature of the surgery will depend on your individual circumstances. Some patients may require a small “touch-up”, while others may require a more extensive reconstruction. Local anesthesia and sedation or general anesthesia may be used. The location of the incisions will depend on the extent of your surgery. However, many revision rhinoplasty cases are performed using an open technique in which a small incision is made on the underside of the nose on the skin between the nostrils. In some cases, a closed technique may be used in which all incisions are confined to the inside of the nose. Oftentimes revision becomes necessary due to over aggressive removal of cartilage and/or bone during the primary rhinoplasty surgery. For this reason, many revision rhinoplasty procedures require Dr. Batniji to re-create missing structures using grafts created from the patient’s own cartilage which can be harvested from the septum, ear or rib.

A splint is applied to the nose after surgery and this will remain in place for approximately 1 week. About 70-85% of the swelling should fade withinone month while the remaining swelling will resolve over time. Most patients can return to work and other non-strenuous activities within about one week.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Dr. Batniji, Shannon and Vivian! My septoplasty/rhinoplasty with Dr. Batniji was fantastic. He has given me an elegant nose and the ability to breathe through my nose again!! I feel like I have a new lease on life. My experience prior to surgery, through it and after has exceeded my expectations! I would highly recommend Dr. Batniji as a physician and surgeon for any plastic surgery procedure. His gentle kind, caring and detailed attention to me as a patient is beyond anything I expected. I am so happy with him and having the procedure done when I did! Thank you, thank you Dr. Batniji and staff!!
– Prianca V., Fullerton, CA.

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