The male jawline is one of the most distinguishing parts of the face. Having a strong and well-defined jawline gives the male face an attractive masculine appearance and significantly enhances the appeal of the male profile. Unfortunately, even a small amount of accumulated fat under the chin can distort the jawline and create a bulbous appearance.

Kybella is an excellent option for eliminating excess fat around the chin to create a stronger and more masculine jawline. Kybella permanently destroys the fat under the chin, which will enhance the appearance of the underlying jaw and chin structures. The skin will have a tight and smooth appearance as well, which will enhance the contours of the chin and jaw.

No surgery is required during administration of Kybella, and no changes to your normal routine will need to be made following your treatment.

Contact our office to schedule a consultation for your Kybella injections. Facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Rami Batniji will use his expertise in the field of facial aesthetics to deliver beautiful and natural-looking results.