To most people, the lips are an important part of the overall facial balance and beauty of the face. We are all unique, but there are certain characteristics to the lips that many covet for a number of reasons. When it comes to the lips, these qualities might seem fairly straightforward, but there is more to lip aesthetics than meets the eye. So what are some of the factors that go into the perceptions we have about beautiful lips?

“The Divine Proportion”

When it comes to lips, there are certain ideal proportions that exist, which are part of the so-called “divine proportion”, a standard that has been used for centuries, especially among artists. This is also sometimes called the “golden ratio” and refers to ideal facial proportions. When it comes to the lips, the ideal proportion is that the corners of the mouth should extend to the midpoint of the eye, when a line is drawn straight up.

“Cupid’s Bow”

The cupid’s bow refers to the curvature of the upper lip, an idealized lip contour that many women covet. The upper lip curves gently into a bow shape, framing the lips and providing structure to the overall contour of the lips. A well-defined cupid’s bow is something many people, mostly women, seek.


The two sides of the lips, separated by the cupid’s bow should ideally be symmetrical in their shape and fullness for ideal aesthetics. Fullness, width, and contour are positively impacted when both sides of the lips look the same.

Lip Fullness

One of the main problems people complain about when it comes to the aesthetics of the lips is thin lips with little contour. Thin lips can be genetic or influenced by age, but regardless of the cause, they can be a source of frustration. Full lips, with the upper lip thinner than the lower lip, are considered ideal, but it is possible for lips to be too full.

Lip Youth

As we age, lost volume and collagen, combined with repetitive motions of the lips can lead to vertical lines around the lips, thinning of the lips, and overall decline of lip aesthetics. Soft, full lips are hallmarks of youthful lips, and aging can reduce the amount of volume and contour in the area.

Facial Balance

Though the qualities outlined above are considered to be universally aesthetically pleasing, everyone has unique features, which play off each other in different ways and make everyone’s ideal lips a little bit different. Ideal size, shape, and fullness will vary somewhat, and only someone with expertise in facial aesthetics has the knowledge to determine which changes will be positive for each individual patient in achieving improved facial balance and harmony.

Lip Enhancement Options

Because everyone has different needs for lip enhancement, good results require advice and customization from the trained and artistic eye of an experienced plastic surgeon. There are two major types of lip augmentation and enhancement, non-surgical and surgical. Both options offer patients improved contour and volume.


The most popular type of lip enhancement, injectable fillers provide a soft, natural look and feel to the lips using hyaluronic acid. These injections are accessible, non-invasive, and temporary. Patients can expect up to 6 months of lasting results following each brief session. Because the treatment is injected directly into the lips, contour, fullness, and lip wrinkling can all be addressed with fillers.


Lip lifts or corner of the mouth lifts can help with the effects of genetics or aging, which cause a lengthened upper lip or corners of the mouth that turn down. Lip advancement is a surgical option to make the lips appear fuller, but in this procedure a strip of skin is removed, rather than volume being added. Naturally, surgical procedures do require some downtime, but the results are permanent.

A Skilled Surgeon

Because symmetry is an essential part of creating a beautiful look to the lips, it is important to choose a plastic surgeon with the skill, finesse, and knowledge to consistently produce good outcomes for patients. Though it may seem like injectable fillers are a simple treatment to administer, there is actually a lot of artistry and control that goes into the final outcome of these procedures. Because of this, it is strongly advised that you choose a board certified facial plastic surgeon for all your lip enhancement needs, whether you seek augmentation or rejuvenation, non-surgical or surgical options.

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