When people look in the mirror, they might see one feature that stands out as flawed, whether it’s the nose, chin, cheeks, or ears. Others see a more general problem with facial symmetry and balance, an issue that is harder to define but just as important to self-esteem as a crooked nose or ears that stick out too far.

Fortunately, expert plastic surgeons today understand the importance of facial harmony and balance, and have figured out ways to improve these qualities for patients. This often involves a combination of two different facial surgeries to form a procedure known as a “profileplasty.”

What Is a Profileplasty?

A profileplasty is a combination of two classic plastic surgery procedures, the rhinoplasty (nose reshaping surgery), and chin augmentation or reshaping. The nose and chin are two prominent facial features that have a significant impact on the overall facial harmony and balance. By addressing both areas at once, the surgeon can create pleasing facial ratios that improve overall aesthetics, profile balance, and symmetry.

How Does It Work?

Profileplasty is a difficult procedure that requires an artistic eye and a skilled hand to produce good results. Rhinoplasty is an extremely complex surgery that requires adaptability and a high level of customization from the surgeon. Typically, a small incision is made between the nostrils so the surgeon can access the area and make the necessary changes. Rhinoplasty can address many issues, including a dorsal hump on the bridge of the nose, a nose that is too small or large, too long or short, nasal crookedness, a poorly defined nasal tip, and even functional problems such as a deviated septum that can cause breathing problems.

The chin surgery involved with profileplasty is simpler, but no less essential to the process. An incision is made either beneath the chin or inside the mouth, and the surgeon uses this incision to access the chin and either place a synthetic implant for added volume, or reshape the chin as needed for a more balanced appearance.

Every profileplasty is different, and will rely on a variety of different techniques. It is essential that the plastic surgeon understands the relationship between different facial features and can adapt the procedure to each patient. If the surgery is performed by an expert surgeon, most patients will attain beautiful results that will last a lifetime.


While recovery from profileplasty involves both the nose and the chin, the recovery period is not much different than that of rhinoplasty as a standalone procedure. Patients will experience some discomfort that is usually well controlled with prescription painkillers, and most people return to work within a week or two. There are activity restrictions for several weeks following the procedure, and residual swelling can take up to a year and a half to fully resolve, particularly in the nose. The chin will heal long before that. Patients will need to practice diligent aftercare in order to promote good results.

Is Profileplasty Right for You?

While most patients who undergo rhinoplasty with chin refinement are very happy with the results, that doesn’t mean the procedure is right for everyone. Some people may be better served with just one surgery or the other. This is something only you and your plastic surgeon can determine, however, since cosmetic surgery is a very individual and customizable process. In order to undergo elective procedures such as profileplasty, patients need to be in general good health and have realistic expectations for the results of the surgery.

An Expert in Facial Balance

When it comes to profileplasty, good results require the artistic touch of a talented facial plastic surgeon. Rhinoplasty in particular is a highly specialized, complex, and difficult procedure that should only be performed by an experienced, board certified facial plastic surgeon. If you would like to discuss your goals for profileplasty with an expert in Newport Beach (949-650-8882) or Beverly Hills (310-467-2180), CA, come to Batniji Facial Plastic Surgery and meet with Dr. Rami K. Batniji, an expert in facial aesthetics. Dr. Batniji is one of only a few surgeons in the area focusing solely on facial procedures. He would be happy to help you move forward with profileplasty. Call either location today to schedule your consultation.