Aside from your decision to undergo a facial plastic surgery, meeting with your chosen surgeon for a consultation is the most important step of this transformative journey. Some patients feel this step is so crucial that they meet with a number of doctors before beginning their treatment plan. Others like to meet with their doctor a few times prior to having the procedure done.

The doctor-patient consultation is a platform where the two can plan a course of procedures, both non-surgical and surgical, to improve a patient’s looks, improve functionality or a combination of the two ideals. While Dr. Batniji is speaking with a patient, he will ask which features he or she wishes to change, and why. He may also ask questions about one’s lifestyle or health and family history to determine the best methods to treat the issues.

Alternative Methods in Facial Plastic Surgery

Often, the doctor is able to offer the patients multiple ways to alter his or her looks, but he may explain why one method is preferred over the others. Though a person may want to increase the prominence of the chin, he may explain that chin augmentation is a permanent surgery while injectable fillers can provide temporary aesthetic improvements. Neck liposuction or necklift may be an alternative to chin alterations altogether.

Patients who may not wish to undergo invasive surgeries such as facelift, mid-facelift, or browlift may be presented with skin resurfacing treatments coupled with at-home skincare routines. Dr. Batniji offers a wide array of laser, chemical peel, and dermabrasion procedures as well as physician-developed skin care lines. These cosmeceuticals have proven effective in treating conditions ranging from acne to facial lines and wrinkles.

Medical Preparations for Surgical and Non-Surgical Procedures

Though the doctor can assess the exterior of a patient’s face and neck, he may recommend X-rays, tissue scans, and other measures to be fully informed of one’s anatomy prior to surgery. These measures prove especially helpful prior to revision rhinoplasty or functional rhinoplasty surgeries. During revision rhinoplasty, Dr. Batniji is often times correcting another surgeon’s work, and may need to know how much tissue has been removed, and how to alter the previous nose job to produce the intended results. During functional rhinoplasty for issues such as a deviated septum, viewing the shape of distorted or asymmetrical tissues can assist the doctor when planning and executing the surgical fix.

Discussing Concerns and Fears

While many patients’ desire for change outweighs their hesitation to undergo surgery, the consultation is also a great way to discuss anxieties. Certain people are wary of some forms of anesthesia, while others are concerned with recovery and the results. Dr. Batniji takes time with each patient to ensure that they fully understand the procedural process, as well as the aftermath of treatment.

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