Though hair growth accelerator Latisse has been FDA-approved as an eyelash growth product specifically for use on the upper eyelids, this product has also successfully regrown eyebrow hairs. Considered an “off-label” use as an eyebrow growth product, or one for which it was not solely intended, Latisse may offer patients an alternative to over-plucked, thinning, or otherwise sparse eyebrows.

Though Southern California facial plastic surgeon Dr. Rami Batniji may not be able to advocate this type of product use until the Food and Drug Administration issues approval, patients have time and again experimented with the technique and have reported their success.

The Importance of Eyelashes

Doctors began prescribing patients Latisse for a condition known as hypotrichosis, which is medical terminology for an inadequate amount of eyelashes. The medical necessity for eyelashes is that they, in conjunction with the eyebrows, form to prevent debris from entering our eyes. We have eyelids for this purpose, too, and eyelashes have become more of a personal statement of beauty amongst patients interested in creating fuller lash lines. Thick, dark eyelashes can help define the eyes and add a cosmetically appealing element to one’s looks.

Eyebrows Matter, Too

Eyebrows are an equally important feature of the face. A common joke amongst makeup artists is “They’re not twins – they’re sisters!”, meaning the two brows may never be identical. The goal, however, is to strive for symmetry, which can be achieved.

The eyebrows are said to frame the face, and by changing their shape, other landmarks of the face appear to be altered, too. When the eyebrows are set too far apart, or over-tweezed closest to the nose, the eyes appear to be wide set. When the eyebrows are flat, the eyes can appear hooded or small and the face shape will look wider. Darker brows can create a more serious or dramatic effect, while lighter brow shades place emphasis on the eyes and lashes. An arch can create a warmer, more inviting appeal to the face as the eyes can be clearly seen and the true extent of the eyelashes are emphasized.

Eyebrow Trends Lead to Long-Term Consequences

While the looks of the 1980s favored big, beautiful brows, the natural look went out of style during the punk rock era of the 1990s. Eyebrows were plucked, waxed, and threaded until all that remained was a pencil-thin outline of this most important facial characteristic. It is common for repeated hair removal to eventually lead to the lack of new growth.

Now that thicker eyebrows are favored, there are some ways to naturally assist in their regrowth. Some experts suggest gently massaging the area with a small, bristled brush to stimulate hair growth; others recommend their clients use castor oil on the area nightly which is thought to help. Some women and men have experienced permanent hair loss, and were restricted to the permanence of tattoos or the daily ritual of filling in the eyebrows with a pencil, cream, gel, or powder to replace the sparsely grown hairs.

Latisse may prove to be a great solution for eyebrow growth and could be FDA approved for this use in the future. A number of other products have already been created for eyebrow growth acceleration, though Latisse seems to be among the most favored. It is the best-known prescription strength eyelash growth serum, proving not only effective but also safe for use around the eyes.

Dr. Batniji currently prescribes patients Latisse for hypotrichosis. Patients may experience less dramatic lash lines due to genetics, age, or other reasons. If you are interested in hearing more about the benefits of this product, contact the doctor’s Newport Beach, California office at (949) 650-8882. The doctor can also respond to patient inquires made through his Online Contact Form. The doctor is well known for facial cosmetic procedures, and performs a variety of brow-enhancing treatments including forehead or browlift and Botox injections.