I’m half Hispanic and half Asian. I have a bulbous tip that I would like refined and I would like the sides of the bridge narrowed. How is this done?

The nasal tip refinement is achieved through a step-wise approach. I first attempt to achieve refinement of the nasal tip with your own nasal tip cartilages by placing stitches in those cartilages. These stitches re-shape the cartilage to achieve refinement. If further refinement is needed, I use cartilage from the nasal septum to place at the tip of the nose. Refinement of the nasal tip in Hispanic and/or Asian noses can be challenging as the nasal skin is thick and the nasal tip cartilages are relatively weak. The sides of the nasal bridge can be narrowed a few different ways. If there is need for nasal bridge augmentation, I use cartilage and fascia (a tough fibrous layer of tissue from your own body) to achieve bridge augmentation; this augmentation gives the appearance of a narrower bridge in Asian noses. Another method for narrowing of the nasal bridge is re-positioning the nasal bones.