All too often, patients who visit a facial plastic surgeon to remove their under eye bags explain they have grown weary of constantly being asked if they are tired. The look of perpetual sleepiness is, after all, everyone’s concern. A spouse may want to ensure your health, or whether or not you are able to care for the kids; a boss will begin to follow your productivity to be sure you are not falling behind in your work; and friends may worry about your overall quality of life. Though this extra insight into a person’s health is a sign that those around them care, it can be exhausting to explain that you are not actually tired, but instead have developed permanent under eye bags.

The Need for Facial Plastic Surgery

In patients who are dissatisfied with the look of the areas under the eyes, facial plastic surgery is often the best solution to permanently eliminate the issue. Genetics, the natural course of aging, and some health conditions can lead to the look of tired eyes. Though the cause of under eye bags cannot be reversed, the extra fat and tissue deposits can be discreetly removed through hidden incisions to restore a look of vitality to the face.

Aside from unsightly bulges of tissue below the eyes, there are other instances in which lower blepharoplasty can offer cosmetic improvements. Extra skin below the eyes and just above the cheekbones can form creases. Droopy lower lids that may overexpose the whites of the eyes can also be corrected during lower blepharoplasty.

Combining Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty

The upper eyelids can also be corrected during upper blepharoplasty. The lids may be raised to a more youthful position. Extra skin is removed so only the most prominent and natural folds of the eyelids are present. The surgery can assist with hooded eyes and lines and wrinkles of the eyelids and surrounding area.

Heavy upper lids can also create the appearance of tired eyes, and an overall lackluster appearance. When upper blepharoplasty and lower blepharoplasty are performed together, the patient will enjoy total eye rejuvenation. Dr. Batniji can determine if this dual facial plastic surgery (upper and lower blepharoplasty) would benefit a patient during a consultation.

Other Facial Plastic Surgeries that Decrease the Look of Tiredness

The signs of aging that naturally occur as a person ages or the aftermath of an extreme weight loss can also result in folds in the face, leading to a worn look. Browlift, facelift, and mid-face/cheek lift can accomplish a tightening of the underlying facial structure and a removal of excess skin and fat. In some cases, like during necklift surgery, facial liposuction can remove extra fat deposits. In some cases, facial implant procedures restore fullness when volume is lost.

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