I would like the fat transfer procedure to fill out my cheeks. Do you overfill the area expecting it to reduce over time? Can the crow’s feet around my eyes be treated with fat transfer as well?

Fat transfer to the cheeks is a wonderful way to achieve volume in volume-depleted areas. Do I overfill the area? That depends on your preference. We anticipate loss of some volume within the first year of the procedure. The amount of volume loss is variable and dependent upon several factors such as method within which fat is harvested and patient-specific issues such as history of smoking. We could overfill the area and you may have an overfilled appearance that may last several weeks/few months. If you wish to minimize this potential for overfilled appearance in the short term, we could fill to correction. If you feel you would benefit from more volume after that first year, the addition of hyaluronic acid filler (Juvederm) may be a nice complement to the final result.