Is it normal for the facial skin to be very dry after rhinoplasty? How soon after surgery can I resume my normal skin care routine and use things like masks and exfoliants?

Following rhinoplasty, I usually place a dressing, also called a dorsal splint, on the nose for approximately one week. Once I remove this dressing or dorsal splint, the skin of the nose can be rather oily. Therefore, one of the services that we provide complimentary to our patients after I remove this dressing is a glycolic facial by our aesthetician. Using this glycolic facial helps to cleanse the skin of the nose. During the initial consultation for rhinoplasty, we incorporate a comprehensive skin care analysis. After the initial plastic surgery, we strongly feel that skin care is an essential part of plastic surgery and of your overall care for your face. Therefore, our aesthetician evaluates the current skin care protocol you use and makes recommendations as needed regarding other products that may provide further benefit. Following rhinoplasty and following the glycolic facial, we usually incorporate complimentary products for skin care for our patients depending on the skin conditions the patient may experience. Approximately three weeks after the glycolic facial, the patient may resume such things as exfoliants and/or masks.