I’m Latino and I’ve never liked my nose. I’d like to get a nose job, but I don’t want it too drastic. I know I need to find someone with experience in ethnic noses, but how do I find someone with experience in my specific nose. To Caucasians, Latinos are Latinos, but to us we’re all very different and that means we all have different noses too.

During the initial consultation, I would like to learn of your desires for rhinoplasty.  Once I have an understanding of your desires, then I perform an analysis of not only the nose but also the face.  Then, based upon your desires, your anatomy, and what I believe can be achieved within the context of your ethnicity, anatomy, and desires, I shall make my recommendations.  We then perform digital imaging to further convey your desires and what I feel is potentially achievable through rhinoplasty.  In this fashion, we are able to respect your ethnicity and desires for rhinoplasty. For before and after photos of Dr. Batniji’s Newport Beach ethnic rhinoplasty procedures, click here.