What scar revision techniques are best for children?

It depends upon the scar. If a scar is relatively new (less than 1 year old), then I would recommend conservative measures such as silicone-based scar medication, sunscreen, and time to allow the scar to fully heal. There are several types of scar revision techniques available, from skin resurfacing to surgery. Skin resurfacing options include intense pulse light (to minimize pigmentation), laser resurfacing, and/or dermabrasion. Surgery options include a wide variety of techniques such as direct excision, z plasty, w plasty, geometric broken line closure. Finally, injections with steriod and/or 5-fluorouracil have proven beneficial. While there is not one specific “best” scar revision technique for children, there are several options available and I discuss all these options in the context of the child’s scar as well as his or her age.