When removing a hump or bump on the nose, what are the instances when it would be filed down versus broken?

A bump/hump along the bridge of the nose can bony and/or cartilaginous in nature. Traditional approaches to reducing a bony bump/hump along the bridge of the nose include rasping with a carbide tungsten rasp or chiseling off the bump with an osteotome. Rather than using these traditional methods, I utilize precise powered instrumentation designed by the company, Bien Air, to delicately reduce the height of the nasal bony bump/hump. For those bony bumps/humps less than 2 millimeters, I tend to favor using the micro rasp. For anything taller/larger than that, I use the precision of the micro saw. For a video that further describes this technology, please visit our youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=838N2M5MgRw