Plastic surgery is an extremely complex and custom process, involving both the aesthetics and function of the facial feature. While most people seek aesthetic enhancement for anti-aging or re-contouring purposes, facial reconstruction is an important subset of the plastic surgery field. Facial reconstruction gives patients hope for elevated self-esteem and a sense of normalcy. Whether it’s due to disease, genetics, or trauma, facial deformities can cause many different problems, not the least of which the shame and embarrassment that often goes hand in hand with these kinds of abnormalities. Facial reconstruction is an amazing process that can produce truly remarkable results. It’s a blend of art and science that culminates in improved quality of life for patients young and old.

The Art of Facial Reconstruction

All plastic surgery involves artistry, but reconstructive procedures in particular require a great deal of finesse, knowledge of facial aesthetics and balance, and the ability to take a patient’s vision and make it a reality—or at least as close as possible. The artistry of facial reconstruction also involves predicting how the surgery will affect the patient following recovery—which can be difficult for customized procedures. Experience and talent both play a key role in this aspect of reconstruction.

The Science of Facial Reconstruction

Reconstructive surgery isn’t just about aesthetics, of course. Some injuries and deformities cause real problems in the structure and function of the facial structures, such as the nose. Reconstructive procedures can help restore and improve function in features like the ears, lips, and nose for improved quality of life.

Ultra-Customized Procedures

Of course, no two reconstructive procedures will be exactly alike. Facial trauma and deformities are highly unique problems, and the surgeon must essentially solve a puzzle to decide on the right approach for each procedure. This is where the planning phase comes in. An in-depth consultation is necessary to assess the goals of the surgery as well as lay out a plan for accomplishing those goals. You will want to choose a surgeon who not only has the necessary skills, but who makes you feel comfortable as well.

The Skill of a Specialist

As you can probably tell, reconstructive surgery is extremely difficult, and should only be performed by experienced, board certified plastic surgeons who focus on facial procedures. While there are many skilled general plastic surgeons, a facial specialist will have spent additional hours honing the proper skills and studying the aesthetics of the face, making them better equipped to handle difficult cases.

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