The lips can be a very sexy facial feature. We look to the mouth when someone makes a facial expression or speaks, helping us to interpret the meaning behind the look and words. Women and men alike choose to draw attention to this facial feature in a number of ways. They may whiten their teeth, or wear lip balm or lipstick to draw attention to the lips. Men can shape their facial hair to provide emphasis on this region of the face. Another way to emphasize the mouth is through lip augmentation, a cosmetic procedure that can be performed surgically or non-surgically to improve the fullness, shape, and position of the lips.

While full lips are seen as sexy, an overly plumped pout can seem cartoonish. The term “duck lips” describes a lip augmentation that has created enlarged lips that appear out of proportion with the rest of the facial features. Although many women request excessively full lips, this trend has not been accepted in the beauty industry or mainstream society.

Dr. Batniji of Batniji Facial Plastic Surgery strives to cosmetically enhance the lips so they appear naturally full. Results of the procedure can be viewed here.

A carefully executed treatment plan can lead to beautiful results, and a set of lips that fit the face so well they appear to be the feature a person was born with. There are many ways this can be achieved.

Lip augmentation can be performed through an implant inserted into the lips, but often this procedure leads to an artificial pout. The mouth is permanently plumped with a very full upper and lower lip. This feature can appear unnatural on the face and detract from the rest of the beauty present.

When lip augmentation is performed through a series of Juvederm injections, Dr. Batniji can tailor the results to a patient’s anatomy. He can create more natural contours than those that are available through an implant. This type of gel injection can be administered to enhance the natural contour of the lips rather than change the shape of the mouth entirely. Juvederm is composed of hyaluronic acid, which is naturally found in the body. In turn, the gel containing this ingredient will add to the moisture content and elasticity of the skin.

A second way to add volume to the lips is through a permanent lip advancement surgery. The doctor removes a thin strip of skin at the border of the lips so more of the lip is visible. Because nothing is implanted or injected to the lips, the surgery enhances the pout by restructuring the shape and placement of the lips on the face.

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