I’m from Newport Beach and interested in getting a nose job. I’ve been looking through magazines to get an idea of what I would like my nose to look like. If I find a picture I really like, is it possible to make my nose look just like it?

When you come to see me for a consultation to discuss rhinoplasty, we start the conversation with your concerns regarding the appearance of your nose and what changes you hope to achieve through the procedure. Sometimes, photos of other noses may allow for us to both get a sense of your goals for rhinoplasty. The next step in the consultation is the examination. During the examination, I analyze the nose in the context of the entire face. I also analyze specific anatomic considerations in rhinoplasty, including nasal skin thickness and the nasal tip cartilages. Then, we discuss your desires for rhinoplasty and the examination. Sometimes there are inherent aspects of the nasal anatomy that may work with us or work against us in achieving your desired outcome. For example, if you have very thick nasal skin and you wish to achieve significant refinement of the nasal tip, you and I would discuss the limitations of achieving significant refinement of the nasal tip given the limitation of very thick nasal skin. Finally, we use digital imaging software during the consultation to provide you with an estimate of the potential outcomes achieved in rhinoplasty, followed by a review of some example cases of patients with similar issues you are interested in addressing through rhinoplasty.