I’m 23, female and African American living in Socal. I’d like to have a bump on my nose removed and the tip lifted. My nose is also a little crooked. Can all of these things be fixed?

Yes, all of the aforementioned can be addressed in a nose job. The bump along the bridge of the nose can be reduced. We use an innovative instrument designed by Bien Air Surgery to take down that bump in a delicate, yet exact, manner. Meanwhile, the nasal tip rotation can be increased through a variety of techniques. Finally, a slightly crooked nose may be improved upon; however, it is very challenging (if not impossible) to achieve a perfectly straight nose. The reason for this limitation is due to facial asymmetries, as well as the several potential causes of crooked nose, including but not limited to facial asymmetries, bony deformities, septal deviation, cartilage irregularities, enlarged turbinates.