I have very deep lines between my eyebrows. These lines are particularly noticeable when I frown. Is Botox a good treatment?

Treatment of frown lines (some people refer to frown lines as “elevens” because the lines sometimes look like the number 11) is a common reason patients come to my office. During the consultation, I analyze the muscle action of the brows and forehead. The muscles that form frown lines are located between the eyebrows and travel along the brows. I inject small amounts of Botox in the muscles that create the frown lines. Botox acts to soften the muscle action and, therefore, minimize the appearance of the frown lines. Some people use Botox to prevent formation of the frown lines; for an example of this, please click here. However, the frown lines might be rather deep. In this instance, I recommend Botox to minimize the muscular activity that forms the lines and filler augmentation with Juvederm to minimize the appearance of the deep line. These procedures are performed at the same time. For an example of this, please click here.