What causes lower eyelid bags?

There are several possible causes for lower eyelid bags, or fullness of the lower eyelids. One potential cause is allergies; therefore, during the initial consultation, we inquire about history of allergies and allergy symptoms. If there is a history of allergies and/or allergy symptoms, I refer my patients to my father, Dr. Kamal Batniji, who is an Otolaryngologist-Head & Neck Surgeon (ENT) for allergy testing. Another potential cause for lower eyelid bags is thyroid disorder. The symptoms for thyroid disorder can be vague at times and include such symptoms as heart palpitations, temperature changes (feeling cold or hot), eyebrow thinning, brittle hair, lethargy and/or hyperactivity. A blood test can determine if you have a thyroid condition. The most common cause of lower eyelid bags that I see in my patients is caused by fat pads in the lower eyelids. We all have fat pads in the lower eyelids; this is part of our normal anatomy. But, for a variety of reasons, these fat pads can become more prominent. Surgery (lower lid blepharoplasty) can be performed to remove these fat pads and provide a natural, more rested appearance to the eyes. If you have hollowness beneath the lower eyelid bags (this hollowness is typically called nasojugal groove, tear trough deformity, and/or infraorbital hollows), I may recommend surgery to re-position the excess fat pads into the areas of hollowness. This procedure, commonly known as fat transposition, provides a smoother contour between the lower eyelids and cheek. Another option for treatment of the lower eyelid hollowness is injection of filler material (such as Juvederm). This injection procedure is performed in the office and can provide a beautiful result; I may recommend a fractionated laser resurfacing as well to address fine lines, wrinkles, and/or pigmentation to the skin of the lower eyelids as well.