Many patients visit facial plastic surgeon Dr. Batniji to treat obvious signs of aging that gradually occur. A popular procedure is facelift surgery, which is designed to strengthen the underlying structure of the face and remove excess tissue such as skin and fat. While the transformative surgery can create a significantly more youthful look, an overzealous surgeon may create unrealistic results.

The “windswept look” is the aftermath of an exaggerated facelift procedure where the skin has been re-draped and sutured into place in an unusually tight manner. The doctor may have removed too much skin or misgauged how the final look would appear. While some patients seek the artificial results that can be constructed through facial plastic surgery, many patients are not satisfied with an overdone facelift.

One way to avoid such an undesirable result is to see a plastic surgeon who specializes in the aesthetics of the face, such as Dr. Batniji.

Dr. Batniji dedicates his entire practice to this region of the body, and is consequently very familiar with facial anatomy and newer surgical techniques utilized to improve a person’s looks. Facial plastic surgeons often have the added benefit of a background in reconstructive surgery, which emphasizes individual facial structures and the multiple ways in which they can be improved when aesthetics are compromised.

Patient-doctor relationships and communications at this level are also important to facelift patients. Patients must be specific about their needs, and their desired results. While some actually prefer the extreme look of a surgically modified face, others hope to keep a natural appearance. By explaining to the surgeon one’s ideals of beauty, he or she can tailor the changes to each individual’s needs.

While a facelift may be the best way to achieve the wishes of a patient, there are a number of other ways to perform facial rejuvenation. Fat transfer, facial implants, and dermal injections can restore volume to the face, plumping the areas that sag due to wrinkles and a loss of tissue. Other treatments include skin resurfacing through the use of lasers, chemical peels, or forms of dermabrasion. During the doctor-patient consultation, each procedure can be explained to determine if a facelift or other anti-aging procedures are the best solution for maturing looks. If a patient desires lifting procedures, undergoing a browlift or cheek lift, rather than a full facelift, may prove the best option.

About the Doctor

Rami K. Batniji, M.D., F.A.C.S. is a facial plastic surgeon operating out of Newport Beach, California. He concentrates on specialty procedures to the face and neck and can performs a number of surgical and non-surgical treatments aimed at improving facial aesthetics, including:

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