I suffered from a stroke last year and I have some drooping of my left eye. I am only 46 and do not want to look this way. Can blepharoplasty help with the looks of this eye?

I am sorry to hear of the stroke you suffered last year. As a result of the stroke, you may have lost the ability to raise your eyebrow on one side, thus giving the appearance of a droopy upper eyelid. An endoscopic brow lift may be the better option to address the droopy eyelid if indeed the cause is a droopy eyebrow. However, if it is simply a droopy eyelid, one option may be a ptosis repair to reposition the eyelid. Prior to either of these options, one must first confirm that you can properly close your eye. If you cannot close your eye properly, then these procedures may increase the risk of dry eye. As such, a thorough evaluation is necessary before giving definitive recommendations for your situation.