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Skin Cancer Reconstruction Photos - Case #15049

Patient Case #15049

Procedure: Reconstruction Of Skin Cancer

Surgeon: Dr. Batniji

Location: Newport Beach, Ca

Procedure Detail: This 43 year old female presented for evaluation of a lower lip mass. A biopsy performed by another physician demonstrated the mass to be consistent with squamous cell carcinoma. Dr. Rami Batniji’s father, Dr. Kamal Batniji who is an Otolaryngologist-Head and Neck surgeon, performed the excision as well as neck dissection to remove lymph nodes associated with the cancer. Then, Dr. Rami Batniji performed the following reconstructive procedure:

  • Right-sided Karapandzic flap.
  • Left-sided modified Webster-Burrow flap.

The combination of these 2 flaps provided the patient with a fully functioning lower lip.

Skin Cancer Reconstruction
Skin Cancer Reconstruction

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