My nasal tip looks very crooked. I don’t know if other people notice it but it really bothers me. Is this something that can be fixed with a nose job and how would it be done?

A crooked nasal tip can be fixed with a rhinoplasty. There are a variety of causes for a crooked nasal tip. One potential cause for a crooked nasal tip is a deviation of the nasal septum. Straightening the crooked nasal septum can improve upon the appearance of the crooked nasal tip. Another potential cause of crooked nasal tip is deformity of the nasal tip cartilages. These deformities can either be congenital or due to trauma. The treatment of deformed nasal tip cartilages depend upon a variety of factors, including but not limited to the anatomical deformities that exist, the strength/resiliency of the cartilages, and the thickness of the nasal skin.