What is open rhinoplasty?  Is this procedure used to treat a specific type of patient?

There are 2 approaches to rhinoplasty…open and closed.  The difference between the two is a small, well concealed incision in the skin of the nose between the nostrils; this incision is utilized with the open approach.  Although this incision is very small and extremely well hidden, the exposure obtained with the open approach provides us the opportunity to precisely modify the cartilages of the nasal tip to achieve a refined, natural appearance.  As well, we typically use cartilage grafts to maintain the nasal airway patency as well as minimize the long term complications associated with more traditional rhinoplasty techniques; these grafts are more easily and precisely placed through the open approach.  A closed approach is performed with incisions placed within the nose and is an ideal method for achieving refinement of the bridge of the nose.  I use both approaches and I choose the approach that is best suited for each case depending upon several factors, including the patient’s desires and their anatomy.