The Beginning of the Journey

Electing to receive a cosmetic facial treatment or surgery is the beginning of your journey to becoming the new and improved version of you. This process is important for a number of reasons. Your health and happiness may be positively changed in equal measure, alongside your appearance, if you choose a skilled plastic surgeon. This is often the case with rhinoplasty surgery that is performed alongside a septoplasty to improve the look of the nose as well as its airway function. Another example of this doubly positive experience is blepharoplasty surgery, which creates a wider, more awake eye appearance and often also removes excess skin that interferes with vision. There is also the benefit of improved confidence and self-esteem which often results from a positive facial plastic surgery experience.

Warning Signs to Be Aware of

Choosing a qualified doctor can also create a difference in patient cost and experience. Though many people pay for an elective surgery through a financing plan due to budgetary constraints, some seek the least expensive surgery available. An unusually low cost for a facial procedure may be a warning sign that a doctor is lacking in patients, lacking in skills or training, not utilizing state-of-the art equipment, or cutting corners in patient treatment which can all create health risks. In the long run, a patient will not save any money if they must visit another, more skilled facial plastic surgeon to reconstruct or correct areas of the face during subsequent procedures.

Choosing a Skilled Surgeon

There are a number of ways to determine if a facial plastic surgeon can deliver the results you seek during a safe, effective procedure. According to the American College of Surgeons, board certification ensures that patients are visiting “surgeons whose education, training, professional qualifications, surgical competence, and ethical conduct have been reviewed and evaluated prior to admittance and have been found to be consistent with the high standards of the American College of Surgeons.” Rami K. Batniji, M.D., F.A.C.S. holds a fellowship position with the exclusive College, indicated by the initials at the end of his title. Dr. Batniji is double board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology.

Former patients of surgeons are often vocal about their experiences, and want to share their great experiences with others. Doctors may be recommended to prospective patients by former patients, and the glowing reviews of Newport Beach, CA doctor Dr. Batniji can be seen here. In addition to what other satisfied patients have to say, the results of the doctor’s work are evidence of his artistic vision and honed skills. A photo gallery of before-and-after patient photos can be seen on a surgeon’s website.

Another key component in choosing a capable surgeon who will perform the best work for you is a specialization. Dr. Batniji is a facial plastic surgeon, and focuses his practice on treating patients’ faces through surgery and other procedures. Though he has undergone years of training and is extremely knowledgeable of the body’s many structures and functions, he has dedicated his career to facial work. His expertise encompasses otolaryngology, or surgery of the head and neck, and fellowship training in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.

To learn more about the doctor’s practice, contact his office at 949-650-8882 to set up a consultation. This initial appointment will allow you to learn about Dr. Batniji’s specialized skills and discuss the corrections you seek to your appearance. Out-of-state patients who would like to get to know the doctor before visiting his Newport Beach, CA office can speak with him via telephone or email. A Patient Contact Form that allows picture attachments can also prove to be a great tool for the start of your journey.