For those from warmer and sunnier climates, a ski trip to the mountains can be a much needed relief from the sun and heat. You may think that this time in the snow may also be a break from your usual skin care regimen, but that is not the way to go. You should continue to take care of your skin, especially in the winter.

If you have never been to a cold climate before, it may be a good idea to see a physician to discuss how your skin may react to the environment. He or she may be able to suggest the best products to use based on your skin type and current care regimen. You should use an oil-based moisturizer rather than water, as the oil will create a protective layer on the skin, keeping in moisture. Non-clogging oils such as avocado oil or mineral are best for the face, as they will not clog pores. Another way to keep the skin moisturized is to keep a humidifier running indoors.

Sunscreen should be applied in the winter equally as often as it is applied in the summer. The sun combined with snow glare can do severe damage to unprotected skin. You should reapply often if you are outside for an extended period of time or are engaging in any physical activity.

If the cold climate has dried out your skin, it is best to postpone facial cosmetic procedures like chemical peels and masks. These procedures can strip essential oils in your skin. Hot baths may feel good after spending an extended period outside, but it is not the best idea. Intense heat breaks down lipid barriers in the skin which leads to moisture loss. Using warm water is a better idea.

Medical-grade skin care products are excellent for those in cold weather climates as well as warm.  After a comprehensive skin analysis, your skin scare specialist may recommend a cleanser, serum or treatment, moisturizer, sun protection and specific products for acne or other concerns.

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