I have a dry eyes condition but would like to have eyelid surgery for both the top and bottom lids. Will blepharoplasty interfere with my tear ducts at all?

One risk of upper and/or lower eyelid surgery is dry eye syndrome. Given the fact that you suffer from dry eyes to begin with, this risk is increased for you. A few things to consider…First, conservative amount of upper blepharoplasty is performed to minimize risk of dry eye syndrome. Second, evaluation and correction of lower lid malposition helps minimize risk of dry eye syndrome. Finally, the approach undertaken for the lower eyelids must be considered. A transconjunctival incision (incision through inside of the lower eyelid) versus incision through the skin just beneath the lower eyelid lashes are 2 approaches to the lower lids. Depending upon your skin type, quality of skin of lower lids, position of lower lids, you may benefit from one approach versus the other.