What is an inverted V deformity? How will a nose job fix this?

An inverted V deformity refers to a narrowing of the middle third of the nose. This may occur following the removal of a bump along the bridge of the nose and subsequent repositioning of the nasal bones. The inverted V deformity can be avoided during initial rhinoplasty with the placement of grafts (called spreader grafts) that support the cartilage in the middle third of the nose. These grafts are obtained from your own septal cartilage.

If you already had a rhinoplasty and subsequently developed an inverted V deformity, this can be fixed with spreader grafts. Typically, patients who are at risk for the development of inverted V deformity are those patients with short nasal bones and large cartilaginous dorsal hump.

This is part of the reason why it’s critical to be selective when deciding on your surgeon. Dr. Batniji is an award-winning facial plastic surgeon who utilizes the proper skill to avoid such surgical issues. Contact our office today to schedule a  consultation at our Newport Beach or Beverly Hilly location.