What are some characteristics most often seen in ethnic noses that people want changed with rhinoplasty and how are these changes achieved?

The most common requests my patients have when it comes to ethnic rhinoplasty are refinement of the nasal tip and minimizing the appearance of a bump along the bridge of the nose. They wish for these changes to fit their face and avoid the “operated appearance” of a scooped out/ski slope appearance to the bridge of the nose and a nasal tip with sharp edges and irregular definition. The manner in which I address these concerns is through a rhinoplasty technique to reduce the appearance of the bump along the bridge of the nose. I use a variety of techniques to achieve this result. One method I use is and innovative powered instrumentation so that I can take down the bump carefully and exactly, thus reducing the risk of over-resection. As well, I preserve an area of the nose called the internal nasal valve, thus minimizing a pinched appearance to the bridge of the nose on frontal view (also called an inverted v deformity) and maintaining (if not improving) the nasal airway. The manner in which I refine the nasal tip is with suturing techniques to achieve refinement of your own nasal tip cartilages. This helps provide more natural refinement. If the nasal skin is thin, I may use a blanket of tissue or cartilage to camouflage the tip cartilages to further provide a more natural result. If the nasal skin is very thick, I may use soft cartilage to achieve refinement to the nasal tip.