Variety is the spice of life, and this notion translates to everything from cultures of a nation to the ways its people look. As an immigrant rich country, the United States is perhaps home to the widest variety of ethnicities. Though beauty ideals have broadened, there seem to be some preferred facial plastic surgery options for those of certain ethnic origins. In recent years, Asian upper eyelid surgery has grown increasingly popular.

Asian Eyelid Surgery

Asian blepharoplasty is cosmetic eyelid surgery that is specially tailored to the anatomy of Asian patients. Members of this ethnicity have certain defining facial features, with eyes that vary greatly from other ethnic populations. When open, Asian eyelids crease very little, if at all, and the eyelid may only be seen when a person blinks. This can lead to the appearance of a hooded eye. In other ethnicities, the eyelid is visible through a definitive crease, even while the eyes are fully opened.

The Asian upper blepharoplasty treats a monolid, which in some patients can create the issue of discomfort. Asian eyelashes tend to be very straight, and may scratch the taught monolid. Undergoing Asian eyelid surgery alleviates this issue by permanently fixing the position of the eyelid away from the eye.

The Appeal of Enhancing the Eyes

The larger and more defined the eyelids are, the larger the eyes look. Enhancing the lids through cosmetic surgery can create a refreshed look in those who feel their eye shape and non-existent eyelids cause them to have a tired-looking appearance. Through makeup techniques, women can draw more attention to the eyes, adding eye shadow colors to the lids, tracing the area with eyeliner, and emphasizing the lashes. Those who attempt to “fake” a crease with shadows and widen the eyes through the use of false eyelashes may like the emphasis the cosmetics create, but wish to draw attention to the eyes in a more natural way.

Most patients seek to look like better versions of themselves, not necessarily less ethnic. Patients will still have the beautiful, almond-shaped eyes that most Asians do, but they will have more options to play up the eyes during their beauty routines. The eyelashes will be more exposed, and the fullness (or puffiness) of the upper eyelid can be treated. After this surgery, patients report that they feel the eyes are more expressive.

The Procedure

There are a number of ways Asian eyelid surgery can be performed, through both temporary and permanent procedures. When the doctor fixes the eyelid skin to the muscle of the eye, a permanent crease will result. If a patient opts for Asian blepharoplasty performed via sutures, the newly formed crease may not be long lasting. It should also be noted that permanent eyelid creases tend to function more normally. The sutures that remain in place to create the eyelid crease during the less-permanent version of this procedure can be seen when the eyes are closed. If a stitch loosens, which can happen during normal eye movements and functions, the two eyelids will not appear symmetrical and the procedure may need to be redone.

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