Cosmetic injections of the face can be used for a multitude of aesthetic corrections. They may be used to plump the skin of depressions caused by wrinkles or scars. Dermal fillers can also add volume to the cheeks and lips to create ideal contours of these features. A lesser known but equally transformative use for this type of treatment is non-surgical chin augmentation.

The lower third of the face influences other features from both frontal and side views. When the face is seen straight-on, the chin can determine the overall face length and shape. A recessed chin is often emphasized by the main plane of the face. Cosmetic chin surgery creates better dimensions of the lower face.

A top-requested facial plastic surgery is rhinoplasty, as patients are aware of how this three dimensional feature is also seen from these two perspectives. The nose and chin are often altered during a procedure called profileplasty where the patient’s face is improved from a side profile view. Dr. Batniji can create changes to the nose conservatively if the patient opts for chin augmentation as well.

While a chin implant is a great way to obtain desired curvature and projection of the lower face, dermal injections can achieve similar results during a non-surgical treatment session. Sculptra, a biocompatible gel, actually increases collagen production to naturally enlarge the tissues of the chin. An enhanced chin will need to be re-treated about every two years as the material can dissipate over time. Radiesse is another injectable filler that can improve the look of the chin on a less permanent basis than an implant.

Cosmetic injections are less pricey than a chin implant, and offer patients a customizable facial shape. They are awake during the treatment and can give feedback while the new chin shape is taking place. Chin implants offer a higher degree of correction to the chin than dermal fillers, but do create very realistic improvements to this area.

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