Latisse is a cosmetic hair growth treatment that was developed by Allergan after the drug manufacturer created eye drops with a reported side effect of thicker eyelashes. Combining the medical and cosmetic worlds, this drug has been used for inadequate eyelashes.

Latisse is currently approved by the FDA for the upper eyelids only. A second use for the product has emerged, but it has yet to gain medically-backed support. Latisse may offer patients with thinning, over-tweezed, or barely-there brows a boost in growth. While Dr. Batniji may not be able to suggest the product for its off-label use until it has been FDA approved, patients have independently tested out this use and have reported thicker, fuller brows.

The Function and Feature of Eyelashes

Doctors first prescribed Latisse for patients who complained of sparse eyelashes, which is medically termed hypotrichosis. While some folks were seeking to improve their looks by adding depth and definition to the eyes, others felt these two important vision organs were exposed. The eyelashes along with one’s eyebrows serve as built-in protection mechanisms by catching any particles that may come into contact with the eyes. The eyelids, too, help feign off harmful debris, though cosmetics have also changed the way we see this feature. The eyes and their surrounding features serve very important functions, though self-consciousness that arises from a dislike of one’s looks should not be discounted.

The Importance of Eyebrows

Another component of vision protection, the eyebrows,creates a relationship with the eyes which can either add to or detract from a person’s attractiveness. One aesthetic goal is to create symmetry among the two brows, while recognizing they may never appear identical. Other ways to add the appropriate volume and definition to the eyebrows is by emphasizing their natural pattern on the face. Because the eyebrows create a border, other features are relative to their appearance. When the brows are over-tweezed or grow sparse closest to the nose, the eyes can appear wide set. Without a proper arch, the eyes appear small or hooded, and the face can lack expression. The eyebrows create contours in the face and can draw positive attention to one’s eyes, the feature that is most commonly noticed by others. Great eyebrows also create a lifting effect.

A Natural Look Is the Best Trend to Follow

Many fashion trends serve as a reminder of past mistakes that were once visually appealing but became outdated quickly. The same can be said for cosmetic trends, some of which have left permanent indicators of their mark in time. One of these trends affected eyebrows.

Three decades ago, bold, beautiful eyebrows were all the rage, but just years later were replaced with thin, barely-shaped lines that many favored. This trend remained popular long enough for some to lose the ability to grow back their full eyebrows. Once again, natural eyebrows are back in style, this time for good.

To combat over-maintained or naturally thin brows, there are a number of temporary cosmetic applications that add color and thickness to these features. Eyebrow cosmetics in powder, pencil, cream, or gel formulations can be used during one’s regular makeup routine. Others are interested in a more permanent fix for sparse eyebrows, and have undergone a tattoo session to enjoy long term improvements. Some fashion fad victims have attempted to stimulate their growth with small-bristledbrushes and castor oil to increase circulation of the area. Recently, Latisse patients who experience a total lack of definition around the eye area began using the eyelash serum on their eyebrows, and have been met with success.

Dr. Batniji’s Practice

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