While spring and summer have traditionally been wedding season, fall has become increasingly popular for nuptials as well. The weather is beautiful, the colors are warm, and inviting…but your skin may be suffering from taking a beating over the summer. Whether you’re preparing for your own big day, you’re participating in a loved one’s ceremony, or you’re simply attending, you may be feeling like your skin could use some TLC. Fortunately, there are many non-invasive professional skin treatments you might want to consider to refresh your skin and get it ready to glow on the big day. So what are you noticing about your skin?

Dull, Dry, Overall Poor Complexion

If your skin is feeling tired after soaking up the sun all summer long, then it may be looking dull, dry, or just blah overall. Resurfacing procedures can be a great option for these problems, as they encourage skin cell turnover and generate fresh, new skin that looks healthier and more radiant. Resurfacing procedures work by damaging the old skin cells in a controlled manner, either by heating the underlying tissues, or working on the surface skin to remove damaged, old skin cells. Popular resurfacing procedures for light skin damage include:

  • Chemical peels
  • VI peel
  • Fractionated laser resurfacing
  • Isolaz

If you’re struggling with your skin’s health and beauty, you may also want to consider physician-exclusive skincare products that will help enhance your skin overall, whether on their own, or when combined with skin treatments.

Brown Spots

The sun often produces areas of hyperpigmentation, also known as brown spots. Brown spots are concentrated areas of extra melanin (pigment) in the skin, including freckles and age spots. When melanin is evenly distributed, the result is a tan. However, brown spots often appear over time, and won’t go away on their own. Treatments for brown spots can include:

  • Isolaz
  • VI Peel


Teenagers aren’t the only ones who struggle with acne, and if you’re having a difficult time keeping your outbreaks at bay, you might want to consider laser therapy with a plastic surgeon to help improve your active acne. This treatment may be combined with some other techniques for good results.

Sagging Skin

Aging skin and sun damage have a lot of different symptoms, and sagging skin is often one of the most upsetting to deal with, as it can make the face look much older very quickly. Fortunately, there are some minimally-invasive treatments available to address mild to moderate sagging skin. One of the best procedures available for this is Exilis, a gentle radiofrequency treatment that gradually tightens the skin following the procedure.


Wrinkles are some of the first signs of aging people notice, and luckily, there are many procedures that can improve and smooth wrinkles on a temporary or long-lasting basis. Some of the most popular treatments for this include Botox or injectable fillers. Other options include various resurfacing procedures.

A Customized Treatment Plan

If you’re thinking about skin treatments to get ready for wedding season, it’s time to speak with a provider as soon as possible. While many procedures are minimally invasive and require little to no downtime, you maximize your treatment options and results by seeking help as soon as possible. You and your plastic surgeon will develop a treatment plan that suits your needs and will help you get the results you seek.

Choose the Right Provider

The right provider can make all the difference in the kind of results you’ll enjoy from minimally invasive skin treatments. Even though these procedures are not surgical, you will want to seek the help of an experienced plastic surgeon to help you choose the right treatment and get excellent results. Not sure where to start? Dr. Rami K. Batniji is a facial rejuvenation specialist, conveniently located in Newport Beach (949-650-8882) and Beverly Hills (310-467-2180), CA. Dr. Batniji offers a range of effective treatments, and would be happy to assist you with your skincare needs. To schedule a consultation, call either location today.