What exactly is the process for scar revision?

Scar revision refers to a procedure that addresses the appearance of a scar. There are several different types of procedures available for scar revision. For example, skin resurfacing procedures may improve upon the appearance of a scar; those skin resurfacing procedures include laser resurfacing. Surgery is another procedure we use in scar revision…cutting out the scar tissue. Whenever we do surgery and make an incision, a scar will form. The key in facial plastic surgery is to make that scar a very faint, thin line so that it is barely perceptible. Success on achieving such a result depends upon the design of that incision, the manner in which the tissues are handled during the procedure and the suturing technique. Other keys to success include proper skin care, minimal sun exposure, sunscreen, and ancillary procedures such as the injection of steroid and the use of silicone-based scar creams. Other factors implicate the overall result, such as skin type, thickness of skin and oiliness of skin.