I’m Middle Eastern and I come from a family of oversized noses. While everyone else seems content with their nose, I am not.  My nose is large all around, large tip, large nostrils, and wide from the bridge to the base. I would like a total resculpting of my nose. If actual nose tissue is removed to reduce the size of my nose, where is that incision? Would I be able to work the next day? I don’t care if there is a bandage on my nose.

A necklift is an excellent option to address laxity of skin in the neck.  The necklift is a surgical procedure performed through incisions behind the ear and occasionally underneath the chin.  Through these incisions, we can perform neck liposuction as needed to address excess fat in the neck.  We can further tighten the neck muscle to achieve refinement in the neckline.  Then, the excess skin can be trimmed.

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