Some patients considering plastic surgery make the mistake of assuming that their doctor or surgeon will tell them everything that they need to know. It is important to remember that you are ultimately responsible of your own health and safety and performing due diligence is essential. The following are questions that you should consider asking potential surgeons during your consultations:

1. Are you board certified in plastic surgery?
Almost all practicing physicians are board certified in some specialty. There are several certifying boards for plastic surgeons. You should look up your surgeon on their websites and also read about their qualifying standards.

2. How many times have you performed this procedure?
It may seem like an awkward question to ask, but you do not want an inexperienced surgeon performing a procedure that could permanently change the way that you look. One surgeon might be an expert in rhinoplasty, for example, performing hundreds or even thousands each year, but they may not perform ear surgery, for instance, on a very regular basis.

3. Where will you perform the procedure, and do you have hospital privileges?
Many cosmetic procedures are performed in-office, in an office-based surgical facility, or outpatient surgery center. If this is the case for you, make sure that the office or center is state-licensed for surgical procedures. If you are having an inpatient procedure, be sure that your surgeon has privileges at an accredited hospital.

4. What are the risks and complications associated with this surgery?
Most surgeons will refuse to perform a procedure on a patient if there is any major risk involved, but it is still wise to be prepared for any problems that may arise.

5. How long will the recovery period be?
You should have a firm understanding of the recovery process, including knowing what you will need to do to care for yourself and how long the recovery will take. Jumping too quickly back into normal activities may cause further complications.

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