I have an under-projected nasal tip and would like to get this fixed with a nose job. How is this achieved?

Projection of the nose refers to the length of the nose as demonstrated on profile view from the face to the nasal tip. Pinocchio is a classic example of an over-projected nose. Projection of the nose must be taken into context with a thorough evaluation of other facial structures, including the lips and chin. During a rhinoplasty, there are several techniques I use to achieve projection in an under-projected nose. For example, suture techniques will achieve both nasal tip refinement and tip projection. Placement of a columellar strut may provide projection as well. Tip grafts will certainly provide projection. If I use a tip graft, I am very careful to bevel the edges of the tip graft and cover the tip graft with softened cartilage or soft tissue to camouflage the tip graft so that you achieve a result that not only provides more projection, but also looks natural in appearance.