Plastic surgery of the neck, performed by liposuction alone or a neck lift procedure, treats the subdermal causes of aesthetic issues. Typically, the structures are most affected by gravity and must be tightened and trimmed to reshape the neck. Common concerns are a double chin (submental fat), softened contours of the neck, visible vertical bands of the neck, and muscle and skin laxity. While neck lift surgery is most common in aging individuals, some people naturally lack contour of the neck or have lost weight in their bodies but fail to slim the neck area. There are a number of ways that neck lift procedures can enhance one’s looks, and we take the opportunity to explore these below.

The Relative Sizes of the Neck and Head

The neck can appear oversized when tissues hang away from the area and extra bulk accumulates under the chin and throughout the neck. Extra fat and skin can cause the neck to appear large, and the head to look small in comparison. While each person has a head and neck that form different shapes and contours, an offset ratio between the two features can detract from one’s looks.

A Lack of Contouring in the Chin and Jawline

The neck connects with the lower area of the face, and can impact the shape of the chin and jawline. In many people, the anatomy of this area is well-defined and is important in creating the overall facial structure, including the shape and length of the face. Treating the neck can positively impact the look of the chin and jaw, exposing more of the structural components by eliminating extra tissues and tightening the muscles of the neck.

Complimentary Procedures

Neck contouring can be performed alone or combined with other procedures. In some cases, liposuction is the only necessary treatment, while others may seek a full surgical neck lift. Additional surgical or non-surgical techniques can be included to offer the greatest benefit in individuals who seek more extensive correction of both the lower face and neck.

Because the chin can appear weak due to an overabundance of tissues of the neck, the nose may seem larger when viewed from the side. This imbalance can be dramatically improved through liposuction or a neck lift. In other cases, chin augmentation or rhinoplasty are complementary solutions. If patients seek minor changes to their side profile, Dr. Batniji can prescribe the use of injectable fillers like Juvederm to add minimal to moderate volume where needed. The fillers can also camouflage imperfections, like a hump on the nose. Additionally, they may be used to plump the lips to bring this feature forward to a more even plane with other projecting features, like the nose and chin.

When neck laxity and fat accumulation are caused by aging, patients may seek anti-aging procedures like facelift or upper or lower blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) to treat their concerns in full. Facelift surgery is available through different techniques to treat certain areas of the face, typically the mid to lower portion of the face. The doctor may opt to just treat the bottom third of the face in a lower facelift, and use Botox injections is areas with minimal visible signs of aging.

Directly below the neck is the chest, and when each area displays mature skin, both parts of the body should be treated. A neck lift can restore the neck, while a skin resurfacing treatment will address the aging skin lower on the body. One or a series of resurfacing treatments – like chemical peel, laser therapy, and dermabrasion – can minimize lines, age spots, and rejuvenate the skin.

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