My nose is too narrow and I have finally decided to get rhinoplasty surgery. This was not a quick decision; I have been contemplating surgery for almost two years. What will you use to make my nose wider, some of my own tissue? Does this procedure require incisions outside the nose?

I appreciate the fact that you did not make a quick decision to get a rhinoplasty. These decisions should definitely be well thought out. A narrow nose may have both aesthetic and functional issues. There are a variety of techniques that I use to address the narrow nose. These techniques involve using your own cartilage from the septum to provide a wider appearance and also improve the nasal airway. This procedure can be performed through a closed (endonasal; no incision outside the nose) or open (external; very small incision at the base of the nose) approach, depending upon your anatomy, your desires, and what techniques are needed to achieve these results. If the nostrils need narrowing, then this does require a well concealed incision at the base of the nose.