There are multiple reasons why people have nose surgeries. They could be for cosmetic reasons, to improve breathing, or a mixture of both. After surgery, though, all rhinoplasty patients share similar needs for recovery. Adhering to the following instructions will help you get to a fast and safe recovery, maximize your results, and help to prevent you from needing corrective surgery to fix problems associated with improper healing.

Avoid vigorous exercise for at least two weeks. This includes exercises that contain aggressive movements like jumping up and down. As you ease back into exercise and sports, be especially careful with activities in which you may hit your nose, like football or basketball.

This may sound harsh, but you will have to quit performing some very natural actions during your recovery. This includes laughing, smiling, chewing aggressively, and blowing your nose. Please remember that this is only temporary, and restricting the movement of the nose will help with recovery. Eat soft, mild foods that require minimal effort.

Do not use tobacco for a minimum of three weeks (this advice should be heeded before the surgery as well). Tobacco use decreases blood circulation which hinders the healing process.

Limit sun exposure for three months following surgery. You should always use sunscreen when outside, but this is especially important after a nose job. Limiting damaging sun exposure is critically important since too much sun can cause permanent discoloration on your nose.

Before having the procedure, your surgeon should provide you with a recovery plan specific to your health and background. After the procedure, make sure you understand the recovery plan before you go home. Do not deviate from the plan unless you have explicit permission from your surgeon. If you are experiencing complications or unexpected side-effects, do not attempt to self-medicate or fix the problem. Call your surgeon immediately and follow his or her directions.

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