If you’re heading off to visit family members this holiday season (or if they’re coming to you), then you might be feeling self-conscious about problems like wrinkles and sagging skin that can creep up quickly. The good news is that there are many different anti-aging treatments that are minimally invasive and can address different signs of aging. If you’re looking to refresh your look over the holidays, first you’ll want to have clear goals for your skin rejuvenation. Take a look in the mirror. Are you bothered by:

Dull/Dry Skin?

When you’re struggling with a problem you can’t quite put your finger on, your skin may be going through a stressful time. Aging, colder weather, lack of sleep, pollution, stress, and genetics are just some of the reasons your skin might be looking dull, dry, and blah. For overall complexion problems, you might want to consider a skin resurfacing treatment such as a chemical peel, laser therapy, and other treatments that sweep away damaged skin cells and make way for new, healthy skin to emerge.


Wrinkles are troublesome and inevitable, but that doesn’t mean there’s no way to fight them. Botox, the popular anti-wrinkle injection is a fast-acting, temporary, and non-invasive treatment that greatly eases facial wrinkles caused by repetitive facial movements. Soft tissue fillers are used for the other type of wrinkles, caused by volume loss and sagging skin. Fillers are administered in the same way as Botox, but are a more versatile and long-lasting treatment.

For more lasting wrinkle treatments, you might want to consider a facial resurfacing procedure or a surgical treatment.

Sagging Skin?

Volume loss and sagging skin can age you quickly, making you look tired, old, and gaunt. Fillers can create subtle, temporary improvement that can be just what you need, but there are other options for sagging skin as well. One popular, non-invasive treatment for tightening mild to moderate loose skin is Exilis, a radiofrequency technique that encourages the body to produce collagen, a supportive protein that gives skin its firmness and youth.


Sun damage can cause unsightly brown pigmentation over time. This is called “hyperpigmentation”, a process that occurs in response to the sun, producing too much melanin, especially in fair-skinned people. Laser treatments and resurfacing procedures are effective in reducing unwanted pigment, however, good news if you’re struggling with “age spots”.

A Combination?

Sometimes, it’s a good idea to consider more than one treatment to get the results you’re looking for. Most people are worried about multiple signs of aging, sometimes more than can be treated with a single treatment type. For example, you might combine a chemical peel with Botox treatments for a healthier, more youthful glow. Or, perhaps Exilis and fillers for tighter skin and youthful volume. The possibilities are endless!

Tailoring the Perfect Treatment

Finding the treatment that is right for you can be a challenge. That’s why you’ll need to work with a board certified facial plastic surgeon to tailor a treatment plan that works for you, whether you’re looking for something temporary, or a more in-depth procedure.

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