I have very thin lips, which seem to have gotten thinner with age. Lately I have noticed that they my lips also appear to be turning downwards, and I look like I’m frowning in photographs. Do I need a facelift to correct this? Are lip implants an option?

Your options include non-surgical and surgical options. Of the non-surgical options, I would recommend filler augmentation of the lips to add volume. As well, I place filler in the corners of the mouth to turn the corner of the mouth upward slightly. The filler I prefer to use in the lips is hyaluronic acid, such as Juvederm. It is a very soft product and can provide natural-appearing results. A facelift is a good surgical option if you have the presence of jowls and marionette folds. Otherwise, there are other potential surgical options for the thin lips, such as lip advancement procedures, and options for downturned corner of the mouth, such as corner of the mouth lift surgery. I do not favor permanent fillers or implants in the lips at this time as these products may result in an un-natural appearance, feel un-natural, and/or result in lumps/bumps/contour irregularities which are very difficult to correct.