No, according to the Washington Post. The news and entertainment website out of our nation’s capital claims that not only do the self-captured photographs titled the “selfie”not actually lead to an increase in face and body consciousness, but the purported linkage from surveying plastic surgeons is weak at best. The site reports that children are increasingly undergoing cosmetic procedures like Botox injections, rhinoplasty surgery, and chemical peels. As an opinion piece, the author explains she feels this is problematic, but also that the trends may not be directly related to this new form of photographic self-expression.

It is true that social media contributes to the way a person see his- or herself. Not only can a person’s image be captured and displayed unbeknownst to them, and perhaps from less than flattering angles, but part of social networking is also the commentary offered by others. In an online format, people may bravely speak their minds, make jokes that are easily misconstrued, or use the Internet as a tool to hurt others.

Though Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social networking sites may contribute to competition amongst peers, the selfie gives a person the opportunity to present their most-liked self. Users can capture pictures from aesthetically pleasing angles, using filters and special effects in the same way photographers use PhotoShop to alter images in magazines. If there is a personal feature one dislikes, it is their choice to present or not present it to the online universe.

Facial plastic surgery can be seen as a form of self-expression. Though we have the ability to mold and shape our bodies through diet and exercise, the same cannot be said of the face. While makeup and hairstyles can improve our aesthetics, they cannot camouflage certain features, such as a disproportionately large nose. Individuals have the ability to choose how they present themselves to the world, which is true of social networking and the decision to undergo a cosmetic procedure.

Some may feel the message from society is this: “If you want to be appealing, change your looks.” In reality, facial plastic surgeons seek to restore a person’s confidence through permanent measures. Patients see Dr. Batniji of Batniji Facial Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, California, for a variety of reasons. Many patients wish to improve the look of their nose through rhinoplasty, sagging eyelids via upper blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), protruding ears by undergoing otoplasty (ear pinning surgery), and aging skin through a facelift; however, others see facial cosmetic procedures as a way to restore normalcy to their face. Skin cancer patients may wish to have reconstructive facial plastic surgery after the removal of a lesion, while a parent may make the decision to have a hemangioma removed from their young child’s face or neck. Patients who have suffered trauma or abuse may find that physical healing provides a leap in emotional healing. Facial plastic surgery is simply not for the vain; it is for the strong.

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